Devil's Reign Crossover 1997

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Devil's Reign Crossover 1997

Post by Jason Doty » Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:20 pm

Devil’s Reign Crossover

Silver Surfer/Witchblade Wizard ½

Some time ago in Hell, Mephisto sits until he comes up with a plot to ease the boredom of his self imposed exile.

Witchblade #11 pg.24
Mephisto discovers the Top Cow Universe.

Silver Surfer/Witchblade Wizard ½

Now, Mephisto tells his plan to Skratch (a lesser demon), He has found a new dimension through the “Sphere of Worlds” (The Top Cow Universe). He views Witchblade, Heatwave, Ordnance, Fist, and Stryker. There appears to be no gods to compete with in this dimension. He becomes most intrigued with Sara Pezzini the Witchblade, whom he would make his queen. He somehow reaches across the dimension to taste her power, which she notices. He then views the members of Weapon Zero (Slice, Leviathan, Janus, Fist, Ordinance, and Lilith) on Anshir’s starship and what they were doing yesterday. Addressing how he will cross dimensions he views N’Golth of the T’srri a race that can cross dimensions with their warships, he just needs a pawn to repower it, because it has been crash landed on Earth for Eons. He decides on the Silver Surfer who is currently returning to Earth. As the Surfer stops an asteroid, Mephisto plans a diversion to collect his Power Cosmic, and dreams of what he will accomplish.

Weapon Zero/Silver Surfer #1: Devil's Reign Chapter 1

(Continued from Silver Surfer/Witchblade Wizard ½)
One day in California (MU), the Silver Surfer investigates a downed space craft surrounded by dead humans. Sensing evil he destroys the ship with his Power Cosmic, and departs. Unknown to him this was an illusion created by Mephisto to collect his power, reassemble the ship, and use it to depart to the Top Cow Universe.

Pg. 10-17
The same day North of Las Vegas (TCU), the US Defense Department’s Alien Investigation Division registers the rift just as the facility is attacked. Below the facility, on Level 23, Weapon Zero face off against a T’ssr Berzerker, which becomes extra powerful by unknown means (Mephisto). Anshir the father of Lilith, sacrifices himself by teleporting himself and the creature into deep space. When the authorities arrive, Lilith teleports them back to their starship, but Fist decides to make a break for it in mid-teleport and ends up in Los Angeles.

Pg. 18-22
Elsewhere, above California (TCU), T’srr Lord N’Golth and her servant Erisha investigate the rift caused by Mephisto’s arrival. He appears seemingly out of nowhere, introduces himself, and offers them an alliance.

Pg. 23 panel 1-3
Elsewhere, over Manhattan (TCU), Heatwave disappears while flying around contemplating current events. (Cyberforce #29)

Pg.23 panel 4-5
At the same moment, in Nepal (TCU), another figure disappears.

In Los Angeles, in the Top Cow Universe, the members of Weapon Zero arrive in search of Fist. Blocks away Fist is picked up by a mysterious woman (Erisha).

Weapon Zero #10: Devil's Reign Interlude

Pg. 1-3
(Continued from Weapon Zero/Silver Surfer#1)
In Los Angeles (TCU), Weapon Zero continues its search for Fist, when they realize their ship is no longer in orbit. Lilith then teleports them to her dead sister’s secret base Tartarus in Colorado.

Weapon Zero arrives in Colorado (TCU) minus Lilith. Once there the computer begins an attack sequence and then they are attacked by Lilith who blames them for her sister’s death. They convince her other wise and resume their search for Fist.

Teleporting to Los Angeles (TCU) Weapon Zero search a local motel, where the desk clerk claims to have not seen them. They teleport away, before discovering Fist and Erisha are actually there.

After checking more local hotels in Los Angeles (TCU), teleporting, Weapon Zero has ended up losing 2 more members Leviathan and Janus. (Both next in Gen-13 Bootleg #4)

Cyberforce #30: Devil's Reign Interlude

(Continued from Weapon Zero/Silver Surfer#1)
Several days after Heatwave disappeared, not long after Christmas, in Manhattan (TCU) the members of Cyberforce (Ripclaw, Velocity, Stryker, Cyblade, Impact, and Ballistic) continue searching the city. Impact comes across a strange girl in the subway who tells him strange things before disappearing. He immediately calls in the team.

The team arrives at Impacts coordinates and begins to search the subway. Once there they are attacked by possessed youths with demonic abilities. They are able to fend them off and get away, not knowing they are being watched by a Mephisto possessed Heatwave in another location.

Cyblade/Ghost Rider #1: Devil's Reign: Chapter Two

(Continued from Cyberforce #30)
Somewhere in Top Cow Universe, Mephisto revels in the fruit of his labors as he boasts to Skratch and observes events as they unfold.

Pg. 3
In New York (TCU), Cyblade is still concerned about her missing teammate and decides to search on her own.

In the Bronx (MU), Dan Ketch gets chewed out by his college guidance councilor about his abysmal GPA, before heading home.

In the East Village (MU), Sorceress Jenifer Kale is contacted by Eternity, who intends to use her as a medium to work its power to restore the “Balance” and transport Ghost Rider where he is needed.

On the subway in the Bronx (Mu), Jennifer Kale infused with power by Eternity, forces Ghost Rider’s transformation and sends him through a portal to confront Mephisto.

Pg. 10-24
Heading out for her search of New York (TCU), Cyblade witnesses an energy burst in Times Square and decides to investigate. At that moment, Ghost Rider speeds through the portal, to the shock of the locals and also Mephisto who senses his presence. Local authority’s fire on him, but Ghost Rider easily takes them out. Seeing this and believing him a villain, Cyblade attacks. While Ghost Rider tries to explain, Mephisto possess locals, transforming them into demons who attack the two heroes. They defeat them, but are set upon immediately by a possessed Razorfist. They stop him and drive Mephisto out, but he takes Cyblade as he leaves.

Ghost Rider/Ballistic #1: Devil's Reign - Chapter Three

(Continued from Cyblade/Ghost Rider #1)
Pg. 4-12
In Queens (TCU) at 2:30 am, Ballistic is drinking in a bar when she is assaulted, she makes short work of them, but as the last one seems to get the upper hand, Ghost Rider shows up and dispatches him. He explains that he has been sent to find her by her teammates in Cyberforce and who the real enemy is, Mephisto.

From a tall building in New York (TCU) at 3:00 am, Ghost Rider and Ballistic survey the area and realize that Mephisto’s stronghold is at Times Square. They head there to attack him head on, but Mephisto has become too powerful amassing souls and retreat.

From a rooftop in New York (TCU) at 3:50 am, Ballistic and Ghost Rider see that Mephisto is going to try and spread his influence further through the city and decide to stop them before getting back to Cyberforce and devise a plan.

Pg. 1-3
In Midtown, New York (TCU) at 4:00 am, Ghost Rider with Ballistic on his cycle catch up to and fire on possessed people in cars attempting to kill anyone they come in contact with.

In Midtown (TCU) at 4:00 am, Ghost Rider and Ballistic stop all the vehicles before taking their leave.

Ballistic/Wolverine #1: Devil's Reign - Chapter Four

(Continued from Ghost Rider/Ballistic #1)
At Times Square in the Marvel Universe, Wolverine arrives at a night club called Dante’s Hole. He is asked there by Zoe Culloden. Entering the club he heads to the “Fetish Room” that contains a “WC” warp chamber of Landau, Luckman & Lake. He walks through the door and enters the Top Cow Universe. On the other side he is shot at by a guard who has been posted to make sure no one comes through the portal. The guard quickly tells Wolverine that Zoe is with the “Mayor” (Heatwave).

Ghost Rider/Ballistic #1: Devil's Reign - Chapter Three
Elsewhere in the city (TCU), Wolverine watches what is transpiring and pops his claws.

Ballistic/Wolverine #1: Devil's Reign - Chapter Four

On the streets at Times Square (TCU), Wolverine starts his search for Zoe, but stops to aid a person being beaten by possessed armed guards. The guards get the upper hand, but Wolverine is saved by Ballistic. Since he is fighting her enemies, she quickly briefs him about her involvement with Ghost Rider and what is going on. They decide to work together to find their friends before midnight.

At 11:45 pm (TCU) New Years Eve, Wolverine and Ballistic break into the building housing their friends. There they fight the possessed Heatwave, Zoe Culloden, and demon possessed guards. They manage to free Zoe, but are too late to stop Mephisto’s plan. At the stroke of midnight, everyone in Times Square disappears.

From elsewhere, Mephisto sets his sights on Witchblade.

Wolverine/Witchblade #1: Devil's Reign - Chapter Five

(Continued from Ballistic/Wolverine #1)
In Brooklyn Heights (TCU) at 4:30 am, Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) enjoys the view as she thinks of recent events, before heading to work.

In Times Square (TCU) at 5:20 am on New Years Day, Wolverine and Zoe Culloden try to think of ways to stop Mephisto, after all of the Times Square people have disappeared.

Sara reports to work, but something seems amiss, She is informed by Chief Siry that he’s glad she is back on duty and must attend an awards banquet with Michael Yee, She’s shocked as she sees Michael because she thought he was dead. The Chief informs her that she just came out of a coma and should go home and rest and she leaves.

At the Top Cow Universe offices of Landau, Luckman & Lake, Wolverine decides he will track Mephisto, while Zoe goes to get reinforcements from the Marvel Universe.

Confused, by the events at the station, Sara heads to the Cauty Building at Central Park West (TCU), only to find everything as it was before even though she remembers it being destroyed, as she searches the premises she is confronted by Ian Nottingham, who she also thought dead. He lets her know they have a reservation in a half hour, and the seamstress has already dropped off her outfit. Sara starts to believe she must have imagined recent events.

At the Brookshire Bistro in Midtown (TCU), Sara and Ian enter the restaurant, and after being seated, Ian is attacked by Wolverine, who knows he is not who he seems. When Wolverine seems to be getting the upper hand, Sara intervenes for Ian. Wolverine explains that it is all an illusion as the power of the Witchblade courses through her. Knowing the gig is up, Mephisto reveals himself as Ian. Wolverine and Witchblade try and stop him, but he is unimpressed as he grows to gigantic size.

Witchblade/Elektra #1: Devil's Reign - Chapter Six

Pg. 1-23
(Continued from Wolverine/Witchblade #1)
Wolverine and Witchblade prepare to take on Mephisto, when Elektra appears, sent by Zoe Culloden. Mephisto takes out Wolverine with Hellfire that Elektra believes an illusion, when he does the same toward the women, Witchblade protects Elektra. When they emerge from their protection they appear to be in a snowy cemetery. They are set upon by Ninjas, who the women take out. Making their way from this illusion, they end up in a Cathedral. They are set upon by monks, which they take out, and Mephisto reveals himself. He tries to convinces Witchblade , he can give her, her old life back in exchange for her soul. He knocks out Elektra for trying to interrupt and the sends Witchblade away when she refuses. He then turns his attention to Elektra.

Sometime later, Witchblade contemplates what just happened.

Elektra/Cyblade #1: Devil's Reign - Chapter Seven

Pg.1-2 panel 1
(Continued from Witchblade/Elektra #1)
From Elsewhere (TCU), Mephisto watches as the fruits of his labors unfold.

Pg.2 panel 2-Pg.9
Cyblade and Elektra awake in a desert North of Las Vegas (TCU). After walking and talking they make it to Vegas. Once there they are assaulted by possessed people, who they easily dispatch. Making their way downtown the city seems more decadent than usual. There they discover the possessed Heatwave and decide to follow.

In Los Angeles at a bar (TCU), Fist, egged on by Erisha, starts gathering followers.

In Las Vegas (TCU) Elektra and Cyblade’s search has ended at the Citadel Hotel and Casino. The two women break in, and fight their way to the possessed Heatwave, but when Elektra goes in for the attack, she is taken out by Cyblade. Cyblade tries to talk sense to Heatwave, but he repays her by knocking her unconscious.

When Cyblade awakes she is Heatwave’s prisoner and watches as he kills people. From Elsewhere, Mephisto watches in enjoyment.

Silver Surfer/Weapon Zero #1: Devil's Reign - Chapter Eight

(Continued from Elektra/Cyblade #1)
In the Mohave Desert (TCU) Mephisto creates his own Eden to gather more souls for him to corrupt, as the captured Cyblade, possessed Heatwave, N’Golth, and other followers watch.

In Los Angeles (TCU), Fist and Erisha keep gathering followers.

The next day, pilgrims start to arrive at the new “Eden” (TCU) including Fist and Erisha. The event is televised. Mephisto brags to Cyblade about his accomplishment.

In Colorado (TCU), the members of Weapon Zero have found their missing member thanks to the television broadcasts and decide to investigate.

From space close to Earth (MU), Silver Surfer witness’ demons amassing at a dimensional portal and knows that this must have something to do with Mephisto.

Pg. 10-25
At Eden (TCU), Mephisto disguised as a “savior” begins his call for followers to offer their souls to him. Arriving by teleportation, Weapon Zero disguises themselves in the crowd. In order to sway the gathered crowd, Mephisto “outs” the members of Weapon Zero, but is “outed” himself with the arrival of the Silver Surfer, who shows the world what they are really dealing with. Mephisto sets demons on Silver Surfer and Weapon Zero. Silver Surfer and Lilith decide to take the fight to Mephisto who stops them and offers N’Golth to take them out. N’Golth is then hit by Heatwave, who has reverted to his heroic self. He grabs Mephisto and unleashes his power on him in the atmosphere followed by the Surfer. As Mephisto’s demons and city turns to dust, the Surfer reports that Heatwave sacrificed himself to save the world. All prisoners are freed, and the Surfer returns back home. In the confusion, N’Golth has fled and Fist and Erisha have went their own way.
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Re: Devil's Reign Crossover 1997

Post by Russ Chappell » Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:18 pm


Thanks. A couple of questions.

In Witchblade/Elektra, you say that "Elektra appears, sent by Zoe Culloden." Does Culloden actually appear?

In Ghost Rider/Ballistic, immediately after the guard tells Wolverine that Zoe is with the Mayor, you say "Wolverine watches what is transpiring and pops his claws." What is transpiring? And why is this page placed between discovering Zoe's meeting with the Mayor and searching for Zoe?

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Re: Devil's Reign Crossover 1997

Post by Jason Doty » Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:11 pm

I'm looking into placement suggestions based on my old work, and where the index's have made placement already.

for Ghost Rider his Index says between Ghost Rider no.85 and 86

I couldn't find anything for Wolverine in the Official Index to Wolverine, Punisher & Ghost Rider #4

This was my original suggestion years and years ago.


UX 352
*Devil's Reign


*Devil's Reign

Ghost Rider

V:SB 2
*Devil's Reign
GR3 90

Silver Surfer

SS3 137
*Devil's Reign
ASM 430


SS3 137
*Devil's Reign
AF2 16

We also need to include Eternity, Jennifer Kale, Zoe Culloden, and Skratch .

For Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and Elektra they would be behind the scenes until the conclusion of the series.

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Re: Devil's Reign Crossover 1997

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In Witchblade/Elektra, you say that "Elektra appears, sent by Zoe Culloden." Does Culloden actually appear?
No, but she was sent to get re-enforcements and it was implied that Elektra was her choice.
In Ghost Rider/Ballistic, immediately after the guard tells Wolverine that Zoe is with the Mayor, you say "Wolverine watches what is transpiring and pops his claws." What is transpiring? And why is this page placed between discovering Zoe's meeting with the Mayor and searching for Zoe?
I wrote that description based on reading the last page of the Ghost Rider/Ballistic issue.
He was just looking down from a window in silhouette to the craziness on the street in the Top Cow Universe.

The following issue starts with Wolverine in the Marvel Universe, going to the Top Cow Universe. After the questioning of the guard there is a break, before him showing up on the street.