C&P2 4 vs. C2 50, and C2 '99

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C&P2 4 vs. C2 50, and C2 '99

Post by Somebody » Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:23 pm

Okay, this is one I genuinely can't see where the Cable #50 "interlude" is meant to go during Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix - currently it's put in an impossible spot.

Here's the layout - in C2 50, in London 1859, "Apocalypse had attempted a wary allegance with the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club... [but] he was defeated by a pair of strange beings much like himself,..." [C&P2 footnoted]. As he stuffs a homeless person Essex had told to go there into a capsule to be reengineered, he notes that he will "sleep... when [he] return[s] to [his] lab far from here." and nots that "this world... this era was not ready for [his] grand design. The time of testing is not yet upon us."

So, after his defeat by Cyclops and Phoenix but before his hibernation, he slinks off to create his "Harbinger" in another lab,

However, in C&P2 4... he's actually beaten by Sinister's virus, and teleports back from Buckingham Palace with him before - after a brief confrontation with Sinister - going back into hibernation. No place for it during. The only thing I can suggest is that it takes place *AFTER* C&P2 4, and that he doesn't hibernate immediately as it seems there. That, together with adding page numbers for and fixing some glitches in his and Sinister's chronology for the same period from C2 '99 - primarily, that it's set two/three years after the main part of X:AVD, but placed before for Apocalypse - would leave, with years:

X:AVD 1 (1 - 8)-FB (1459)
C&P2 1 (14:1 - 14:4)-FB (1857)
X:COLB 3 (5&6:9)-FB
C&P2 1 (14:5 - 18)-FB (1857)
C&P2 1 (1857)
C&P2 2 (1857)
C&P2 3 (1857)
C&P2 4 (1857)
C2 50-FB (1857)
***C&P2 4 [DELETE]
X:AVD 1 (11 - 23)-FB (1897)
X:AVD 2-FB (1897)
X:AVD 3-FB-FB (1897)
X:AVD 3-FB (1897)
X:AVD 4-FB (1897)
*C2 '99 (12-13)-FB (1899) [Move to after X:AVD, which is two years earlier, add page numbers & year)
*C2 '99 (36)-FB (1900) [Move to after X:AVD, add page numbers & year)

The years are already appended to Sinister's chronology for the time period, so just page range for C2 '99...

GAM3 24-FB (1891)
*C2 '99 (12-13)-FB (1899)
*C2 '99 (36)-FB (1900)