Just for fun team tracking.

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Jason Doty
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Just for fun team tracking.

Post by Jason Doty » Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:07 pm

Noticing that the X-Men were bts in Strange Tales #128, but not identifiable as to who. I was curious if we could start a team list for groups to see how the chronologies shake out in side by side comparisons. We could start with the silver age team books and work are way to the present. I'm really curious to see where the team appeared behind the scenes, since they would not appear in individual character listings. This would be teams with there own title to start with. Fantastic Four (1961), Avengers (1963), X-Men (1963).

I'll start with X-Men.

X-Men #1 (X-Men, public debut)
X-Men #2 (X-Men)
Tales of Suspense #49 (X-Men)
Avengers #3 (X-Men)
X-Men #3 (X-Men)
X-Men #4 (X-Men)
X-Men #5 (X-Men)
Strange Tales #120 (X-Men)
Fantastic Four #28 (X-Men)
X-Men #6 (X-Men)
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (X-Men)
Journey Into Mystery #109 (X-Men, no Marvel Girl, confirmed in X-Men Origins: Jean Grey)
X-Men #7 (X-Men)
Strange Tales #128 (X-Men-BTS, release info about Brotherhood to media)
X-Men #8 (X-Men, no Professor X, away on mission)
X-Men #9 (X-Men)
Fantastic Four #35 (only Professor X and Cyclops)
Fantastic Four #36 (only Professor X and Cyclops)
X-Men #10 (X-Men)

Is there any appearances as a team or on team business that I missed in the first 10 issues of issues released during the silver age?

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