Questions regarding M/FAN2 2 and M/FAN2 3

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Questions regarding M/FAN2 2 and M/FAN2 3

Post by lettsmonster » Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:13 pm

Hello all!

M/FAN2 2 and M/FAN2 3 is a two part story featuring Wendigo VI as the villain in each issue. The Wendigo battles Wolverine and Hulk in M/FAN2 2 and Spiderman II/Ben Reilly and Ghost Rider in M/FAN2 3. I have two concerns about this story.

First, the Spiderman II/Ben Reilly appearance is not listed in his chronology. The cover date for this issue is NOV '96, so quite late in the year and probably soon before he died. I was trying to come up with a suggestion for the placement of this appearance based on what was happening in the Wolverine and Hulk timelines since M/FAN 2 3 occurs only a few days after M/FAN2 2. This is where I ran into my second concern.

Second, M/FAN2 2 in Hulk's calendar year is placed before the events of Onslaught. In Wolverine's calendar year, M/FAN2 2 is placed after the events of Onslaught. The question then is which Hulk is in M/FAN2 2? In the Wolverine chronology this would be the Banner-less Hulk yet in the Hulk timeline it is Hulk/Banner. I don't know which way we want to go with this. Thoughts? Thanks!

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Re: Questions regarding M/FAN2 2 and M/FAN2 3

Post by Somebody » Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:39 pm

It is absolutely, definitely the post-Onslaught (Bannerless) Hulk in M/FAN2 2.

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