Stalin's Chronology

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Stalin's Chronology

Post by vanhornluke » Tue May 24, 2016 2:05 pm

Stalin's chronology here at MCP is fairly brief. Here are some more appearances:

Human Torch #14e (Namor story)
Strange Tales #3d (Oct 1951); “Invisible Death”
Battle #17a (Feb 1953); “The Last Command of Colonel Fong”
War Adventures #13a (Feb 1953); “The Commies Strike”
Battle #20d (May 1953); “The Great Betrayal”
Kent Blake of the Secret Service #13d (May 1953); “The Voice!”
Man Comics #27d (Jun 1953); “Rocket to the Moon!”
Uncanny Tales #17 (Feb 1954)
Police Action #7d (Nov 1954); “The World’s Largest Theft!”
War Comics #40d (Mar 1956); “Airlift”

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