Abraham Lincoln's Chronology

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Abraham Lincoln's Chronology

Post by vanhornluke » Tue May 24, 2016 2:22 pm

Sorry for the deluge of these posts, but how can arguably the greatest US president, the man who freed the slaves, have a chronology consisting of just two entries, one of which is a flashback and the other a lowly Marvel Comics Presents story? Here are some more appearances:

Crimefighters #4g (Nov 1948); “Crime: Kidnapping! Victim: Abraham Lincoln!”
Amazing Detective Cases #7d (Jul 1951); “The Missing Body”
Battlefront #30d (Apr 1955); “String Bean”
Battle Action #17d (Jun 1955); “Court-Martial!”
Journey into Unknown Worlds #37c (Sep 1955); “Those Who Dream!”
War Comics #45e (Jan 1957); “Under Enemy Fire”
Battle Action #30e (Aug 1957); “The Man Who was Scared!”
Battle #57e (Apr 1958); “Vicksburg!”

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