Coming from Marvel in September

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Coming from Marvel in September

Post by JD » Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:45 pm

Full solicitations at Newsarama, as usual : ... icits.html
[edit] If you prefer Comic Book Resources, here you go : ... e&id=16829
Or you could go directly to the Marvel website :

Slightly snarky highlights for this month :


- DEADPOOL #1 & #2, by Way & Paco Medina, is launched with quite a few gimmicks : a Secret Invasion tie-in, a double-sized & overprized first issue, two issues the first month, and of course the usual variant covers.


- X-MEN: MANIFEST DESTINY #1 (of 4) : a main Iceman strip by Carey & Ryan, and various backup short stories. Is this a stealth revival of X-Men Unlimited ?

- THE AGE OF THE SENTRY #1 (of 6), main story by Parker & Dragotta, backup by Tobin & Rosanas : a pseudo-retro look to the retconned character's history.

- X-MEN: MAGNETO — TESTAMENT #1 (of 5), by Pak & Di Giandomenico : Magneto's origin story. Why not ?

- MARVEL APES #1 & 2 (of 4), by Kesek & Bachs. Exactly what it says on the tin. Out of continuity, of course.

- BIG HERO 6 #1 (of 6), by Claremont & Nakayama : the return of a team of obscure Japanese superheroes.

- SUB-MARINER: THE DEPTHS #1 (of 4), by Milligan & Ribic : Marvel Knights, so all bets are off as to its continuity status.

- DEAD OF NIGHT FEATURING DEVIL SLAYER #1 (of 4), by "award-winning horror novelist" Keene & Samnee. MAX, and featuring a "reinvented" protagonist : out of continuity, right ?

- CIVIL WAR: HOUSE OF M #1 (of 5), by Gage & Di Vito : nothing to do with Civil War, this is actually yet another fake history flashback for the HoM world, describing how Magneto came to power. Is there still a market for this ?

- THE STAND: CAPTAIN TRIPS #1 (of 5) (by Aguirre-Sacasa & Perkins) & DARK TOWER: TREACHERY #1 (of 6) (by Furth, David & Lee, like the first two minis) : two Stephen King adaptations that will both be launched through a midnight opening sale (the same day).

- SAMURAI #1 (of 4) : the third Soleil book.

- MARVEL ILLUSTRATED: THE ODYSSEY #1 (of 8), by Thomas & Tocchini. For some reason, this is based on a Dumas poem, as opposed to the Homerian tales.


- X-MEN ORIGIN: BEAST, by Carey & Woodward. Hopefully not featuring the Conquistador.

- WOLVERINE: SAUDADE, by Morvan & Bouchet : a US reprint of the Marvel Europe/Panini story.

- IRON MAN: GOLDEN AVENGER, by Van Lente, Blankier & Santacruz, is more or less the same thing as the recently-cancelled MARVEL ADVENTURES: IRON MAN. Why did they cancel it if they still had material ?

- MS. MARVEL ANNUAL 1, on top of this month's regular issue.

- X-MEN: RETURN OF MAGIK is actually a reprint of stories published in X-MEN UNLIMITED #13, NEW X-MEN #37 and X-MEN: DIVIDED WE STAND #2.

Glorified fill-in Watch :
- ULTIMATE X-MEN / FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL 1 & ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR / X-MEN ANNUAL 1, written by Coleite & Pokaske and pencilled by Peterson & Basaldua : a random time-travel team-up story that is somehow better told as a couple of oversized one-shots than a proper mini or big one-shot. Whatever.
- IMMORTAL IRON FIST: ORSON RANDALL AND THE DEATH QUEEN OF CALIFORNIA, by Swierczynski & Camuncoli. It's by the regular writer, but those flashback tales are slightly more legitimate excuses for one-shots than usual.
- SKAAR: SON OF HULK PRESENTS: SAVAGE WORLD OF SAKAAR, is a glorified anthology fill-in.
- THE TWELVE 1/2 : yet more reprints of the original appearances of the titular characters.
- KING-SIZE CABLE SPECTACULAR #1, by the regular writer, where Cable is still fighting off Bishop. Just like the regular book, then.
- WOLVERINE: ROAR, by Sweirzinscki and Deodato. Well, it's a shorter title than THE AMAZING IMMORTAL MAN AND OTHER BLOODY TALES, I'll give you that.


- Secret Invasion slightly dials down, with "only" 17 issues this month : SECRET INVASION #6, SI: FRONTLINE #3, SI: THOR #2, SI: INHUMANS #2, SI: X-MEN #2, SI: SPIDER-MAN BND #2, NEW AVENGERS #45, MIGHTY AVENGERS #18, AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #17, THUNDERBOLTS #124, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #5, IRON MAN: DIRECTOR OF SHIELD #33 (with the guest team of Gage & Chen), DEADPOOL #1 & #2, SHE-HULK #33, BLACK PANTHER #41 & NOVA #17.

- Also, quite a few titles are now into the post-SI zone : INCREDIBLE HERCULES #121, CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI:13 #5, X-FACTOR #35, MS. MARVEL #31, and NEW WARRIORS #16. The last of which apparently has Tony Stark still in charge of SHIELD...

- WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #28 is the prologue to an upcoming crossover with X-MEN: LEGACY.

- MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (I guess it's cancelled...)
- IRON MAN: VIVA LAS VEGAS (for the second month running)
- newuniversal: Shockfront (for the second month running...)
- SKAAR: SON OF HULK (already ?)
- WOLVERINE (Millar & McNiven ? they might as well call it bimonthly now...)
- ULTIMATE X-MEN & ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR (waiting for ULTIMATUM, which is itself probably delayed by ULTIMATES 3)
- All the ICON books (except for a rare appearance of KABUKI: REFLEXIONS)


- "DVD Digital Comic Book Archives" for Iron Man & Hulk : 50 issues for $30. So that's why they stopped doing the "40 years" DVDs, which were a much better deal...

- Marvel Masterworks : Fantastic Four v11 & Atlas Era Heroes v3 (featuring Sub-Mariner)
- Essentials : OHOTMU Master Edition v3, + new versions of Thor v2 & Iron Man v1

- PUNISHER BY GARTH ENNIS OMNIBUS HC : the 2000 maxiseries, most of the following ongoing, and the ubiquituous PUNISHER KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE. Obviously thanks to the upcoming movie.


- ANNIHILATION CLASSIC HC reprints various stories featuring some of the main players of the crossovers, including ROCKET RACCOON #1-4.

- X-MEN: MAGIK - STORM & ILLYANA PREMIERE HC : the deluxe reprinting of early X-Men-related minis continues.

- DAREDEVIL: GUARDIAN DEVIL 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION PREMIERE HC : 10 years since Marvel Knights started, hence this reprint of the Smith Daredevil run. There's also a Marvel Spotlight celebrating the event.

- MARVEL BOY PREMIERE HC. Finally ! Especially since they're reusing the character...

- X-MEN VS. APOCALYPSE VOL. 2: AGES OF APOCALYPSE TPB completes the Twelve crossover with its botched ending.

- COUNTER X VOL. 2 TPB covers the first 8 issues of the GENERATION X revamp. Wait, what are they going to do with the 4/5 issues this leaves in each title ?


- NYX: WANNABE TPB : wait, this didn't get a trade back then ? I guess everyone wanted to forget about it...


So, what caught up your eye this time ?
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Re: Coming from Marvel in September

Post by Somebody » Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:53 pm

Could you please change that link to go to CBR or somewhere else? NuNewsarama's painful to use...

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Re: Coming from Marvel in September

Post by TheDeuce » Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:22 pm

Yes! Deadpool!