X-Men Origins: Colossus #1

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X-Men Origins: Colossus #1

Post by wolframbane » Wed Aug 06, 2008 1:58 am

July 2008
No title given
30 pages

Characters: Piotr Rasputin (Colossus), Mikhail Rasputin, Illyana Rasputina (Magik), Nikolai Rasputin, Alexandra Rasputina
Professor X, Storm, Wolverine, Banshee, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Thunderbird, Cyclops (BTS)
Alexei Mikhailovitch Vazhin, Dubenko (also known as Ivan), Director of Federal Security Service (FSS)

XO:C 1 (1). Mikhail leaves Siberia to become a cosmonaut and bids farewell to Piotr. Fireplace lit, apparently evening.
Note: The government later fakes Mikhail's death in UX 286 (4:2-6:6)-FB.

XO:C 1 (2-6). Vazhin arrives and informs the Rasputin family of Mikhail's death. An angered Piotr rushes out into a field and he transforms into metal. Vazhin witnesses this and brings him home. "Three months later," daytime, snowfall, barren trees.
Notes: The Rasputin family lives in Siberian Russia, 62 miles northwest of Lake Baikal>

XO:C 1 (7). Piotr reveals his powers to his parents that evening. Same night as XO:C 1 (2-6), full moon, nighttime, snowfall, barren trees.
Note: Mikhail and Vahzin attended school together and were good friends for years.

XO:C 1 (8). Vahzin reports to the Director of Federal Security Service in Moscow, but does not mention Piotr's transformation. The Director does not believe him and assigns Dubenko to watch the Rasputins, and has Vahzin followed. Daytime, probably no more than a few days after XO:C 1 (2-6) and XO:C 1 (7).

XO:C 1 (9). Vahzin researches mutants in the FSS archives, and finds a New York Times article on the original X-Men battling Magneto at Cape Citadel. Probably shortly after X:OC 1 (8).
Note: The newspaper article reviews the events of UX 1 and is dated "Monday, May 5," despite OMITTX 1 placing this in late October. Therefore these events already occur after UX 1, and Prof X is also already aware that Piotr is a mutant and has a photograph of him, as the events of UX 300 (12-13)-FB occur between the panels of UX 1.

XO:C 1 (10). Alexandra shows Piotr his new baby sister Illyana, and Piotr promises to watch over her. "One year later," probably shortly after same date as MGK 1-4, which occurs on Illyana's birthday. Therefore Illyana was born a year after Mikhail disappeared.

XO:C 1 (11). Piotr and Ivan return from farming, and young Illyana wants Piotr to paint her picture. Ivan, actually a disguised Dubenko, reports to his superiors that nothing has yet transpired. Dubenko has been in spying on Rasputin family for "four years," daytime, green pastures and farming weather in Siberia, but some barren trees. Therefore Illyana is probably around age 3.

XO:C 1 (12-13). Vahzin, who has been trying to contact Charles Xavier, is in a bar and is telepathically contacted by Prof X. They discuss Piotr and Vahzin indicated the government would use his as a weapon if they learned of his gifts. Daytime, probably shortly after XO:C 1 (11).

XO:C 1 (14-15). Piotr and Ivan return from farming, Ivan leaves but peaks into the barn, where Piotr entertains young Illyana by lifting a tractor in his metal form. "Two years later," daytime, green pastures, farming weather. Therefore Illyana is probably around age 5.

XO:C 1 (16). At FSS headquarters (probably in Moscow), Vahzin learns that a black ops team is going to abduct Piotr. He briefly contacts Porf X telepathically but is arrested for treason. "36 hours later" after XO:C 1 (14-15), probably night as XO:C 1 (14-15) was during the day.

XO:C 1 (17-24). Two helicopters deliver a black ops team led by Dubenko arrive at the Rasputin house in the dead of night. Nikolai and Alexandra are captured, but after Piotr ensures Illyana is safe, he battles the team and destroys a helicopter. Dubenko reveals himself as Ivan, but is knocked out by a knockout dart fired by Vahzin, who reveals that he has been promoted to Director of Intelligence and the government no longer has any interest in the Rasputin family. He reveals that Xavier has psionically caused this, and has made the black ops team forget these events and believe they were out for a night of heavy drinking. Forests shown with full trees. Same night as XO:C 1 (16). Occurs at "23:00" or 11pm, which may be either Moscow time (GMT +0400) or Lake Baikal time (GMT +0900).

GSX 1 (8:6). A scene of homes and fields within the Ust-Ordynski farm collective near Lake Baikal, Siberia. OMITTX 4 places this in late May. Despite some differences in clothing, the events of GSX 1 (8:6-11:1) and XO:C 1 (25-28) occur in sequence. These events also occur in XCAL 107 (8:5)-FB, although further analysis is needed.

XO:C 1 (25:1-25:4). Nikolai and Piotr work in the fields as Illyana plays nearby. As Nikolai tries to get his son to open up about what has happened, he notices a runaway tractor racing towards Illyana. "Time passes" and Piotr has been so quiet and so angry "for months now," probably some months after XO:C 1 (17-24). Daytime, farming weather.

GSX 1 (8:7-9:5). Nikolai warns Piotr, who sees the tractor advancing towards Illyana. Piotr races towards her and transforms to metal, as Illyana plays unaware of the danger.

XO:C 1 (25:5). Piotr, now metal, runs and yells his sister's name.

GSX 1 (9:6-7). Piotr picks up his sister and faces the oncoming tractor.

BTS. He puts his sister down (undepicted, these two scenes vary with Piotr holding and not holding his sister).

XO:C 1 (26). Piotr is struck by the tractor as Illyana watches from several feet away.

GSX (10:1). The tractor is shown being demolished.

XO:C 1 (27:1-2). Illyana is hugged and held by her kneeling brother next to the wrecked tractor.

GSX 1 (10:2). Piotr gets up, still in his metal form and holding Illyana.

XO:C 1 (27:3-28:5). Piotr sees Vahzin and Prof X before him, and they discuss Piotr leaving with the professor.

BTS. Piotr returns to human form and no longer holds his sister.

GSX 1 (10:3-10:4). Piotr continues to discuss this with Prof X.

GSX 1 (10:5-10:6). Piotr and Prof X discuss this with his parents in their home.

XO:C 1 (29). That evening, Piotr and Nikolai discuss this more. Piotr bids his sleeping sister farewell. Nightime, fireplace lit.

GSX 1 (11:1). Piotr waves to his parents as he leaves with Prof X. Daytime, probably following day.

XO:C 1 (30). After recieving his new uniform, Piotr (as Colossus) is introduced to the new X-Men Storm, Wolverine, Banshee, Nightcrawler, Sunfire and Thunderbird.
Note: This is immediately followed by GSX 1 (13).

Alexei Vazhin is mistakenly called Alexander VAHZIN in this story. He next appears in UX 263 and sports an eyepatch.
Illyana next appears in UX 146 as a six year old.
Cyclops appears BTS in XO:C 1 (30), as he enters the room moments later.

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Re: X-Men Origins: Colossus #1

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