SCAN REQUEST: X-Force Keepsake Collection prints

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SCAN REQUEST: X-Force Keepsake Collection prints

Post by JephYork » Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:04 pm

In 1991 and 1992, Marvel and Comic Images released two "X-Force Keepsake Collections" -- large B&W prints featuring Liefeld art. Each Collection had five previously-seen images, covers and splash pages from X-Force issues -- and one ALL-NEW image.

I'm looking to run the all-new images as bonus features in the upcoming X-Force Omnibus, but I need scans. Does anyone own these?

Image Image

As usual, I need 600 dpi images, scanned and saved as .tif files ... though this time around they should be B&W or grayscale, not color, which will be a huge filesize space-saver. Please don't compress the images in any way, and please leave a little blank space on all four sides -- don't crop all the way down to the sides of the print.

Also as usual, I'll be happy to give a Special Thanks credit to the scanners in the book's credits!

Please reply here, or e-mail me at, if you can help! (But as always, please DO NOT send me a PM -- my mailbox is full and I won't receive it.) :(

Thanks, guys!


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