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Post by metaldragon » Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:03 pm

Here’s a breakdown of the flashbacks in M/FAN 50:

M/FAN 50 (26:1 - 26:2)-FB [Warren & Cressy are dancing, then later walking together outside. This may be the same dance from XF 47-FB]
M/FAN 50 (11:1 - 12:1)-FB-FB [If this is a representation of something that actually happened, Cressy spotted Warren learning to fly here (but actually didn't know it was him). Set sometime after Warren's wings sprouted and probably shortly before the fire at the boys school from UX 54/2 ~ XF 47-FB.]
M/FAN 50 (12:2 - 12:4)-FB-FB [This is Cressy's fantasy of having made love to Warren, gotten pregnant and having Dominic. Not actual flashbacks unless they are really memories of her stealing her first kiss with Warren in the bushes, visiting her parents while pregnant and holding Dominic sometime after he was born, instead of what her thought balloons tell us happened. Then these could fit between the other FBs.]
M/FAN 50 (26:3)-FB [A generic shot of the X-Men from the early era with their belts wrongly coloured red but with yellow buckles. Could go anytime between UX 1 & 27.]
M/FAN 50 (26:4 - 26:6)-FB [Angel receives an invitation to Cressy’s wedding to Derek Desford which he attends. This was placed after X:HY 22?]
M/FAN 50 (27:1 - 27:3)-FB [Warren has dinner with the Desfords. Cassy is pregnant. He says his identity became public shortly before Dominic was born. This implies that it takes place after CHAMP 1 and I see it’s been placed between CHAMP 3 & 4 here.]
M/FAN 50 (27:4 - 28:1)-FB [Dominic’s birth & genetic alteration, up until he and Derek are diagnosed with cancer.]
M/FAN 50 (28:2)-FB [Warren receives a letter telling him of their cancer while wearing his “Avenging Angel” costume for some reason. This could take place anytime between PPTSS 18 & DEF 125. I think this flashback's been placed between GR2 23 & CHAMP 14 for some reason but I’d place this just before M/FAN 1 where Angel seems to be on a nostalgia kick and goes back to his old blue costume.]

M/FAN 50 (2-24)-FB The main flashback story probably takes place between pages in XF 17 (3) & XF 17 (4) as it’s set after everyone thinks Angel died. Arcade, Beast, (Boom Boom?), Rusty Collins (BTS?), Iceman, Miss Locke, Artie Maddicks, and Skids appear along with Cressy & Dominic Desford.

The Desfords don’t have listings here yet so they should look like:

Desford, Cressida “Cressy”
[XF 47-FB]
M/FAN 50 (26:1 - 26:2)-FB
[M/FAN 50 (12:2)-FB-FB]
[M/FAN 50 (11:1 - 12:1)-FB-FB]
M/FAN 50 (26:4)-FB-BTS
M/FAN 50 (26:5 - 26:6)
[M/FAN 50 (12:3)-FB-FB]
M/FAN 50 (27:1 - 27:3)-FB
[M/FAN 50 (12:4)-FB-FB]
M/FAN 50 (27:4 - 28:3)-FB
M/FAN 50 (2 - 24)-FB

Desford, Derek
M/FAN 50 (26 - 28)-FB

Desford, Dominic
[M/FAN 50 (12:4)-FB-FB]
M/FAN 50 (27 - 28)-FB
M/FAN 50 (2 - 24)-FB
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