SWII 9 and UX 204

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SWII 9 and UX 204

Post by Jason Doty » Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:11 am

Col. Fury,
When we were discussing AF 34 and you moving it. You pointed out how the X-Men could have traveled back and fourth from San Fran to New York and that a week had passed between UX 204 and UX 206 according to Amanda Sefton.

Since you have officially made the change .

Nightcrawler was left behind when the X-Men were originally pulled to San Fran, but he appears among the heroes in SWII 9, on a tree (this was probably considered an art error at the time). But now that you have the X-Men traveling coast to coast and being reunited with Nightcrawler before they left San Fran Couldn't Nightcrawler just as easily been summoned by Phoenix after his adventure in UX 204 and before UX 206 making UX 204 also happen before SWII 9.

UX 202
UX 203
UX 204 (Nightcrawler left behind rebuilds confidence)
SWII 9 (heroes summoned by Phoenix)
AF 33 (X-Men go to opera, then all but Nightcrawler and Wolverine return to San Fran)
AF 34
CA @8
UX 205 (Wolverine severely wounded by Deathstrike)
UX 206 (X-Men ran out of San Fran, Nightcrawler sees off his friend)
UX 207 (X-Men all reunited in New York, Wolverine given attention due to his beating in UX 205)

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Re: SWII 9 and UX 204

Post by Col_Fury » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:13 am

Oh, there are a lot of missing characters from the Secret Wars II miniseries; I don't know if Nightcrawler missing from #9 was considered an art error or just an oversight (my guess is oversight, but who knows?).

As for the amount of time between UX 204-206, I said it was AT LEAST a week; Amanda says in UX 206 that she's been trying to get in touch with Nightcrawler for a week; she doesn't say when she STARTED trying to get in tough with him. Sure, she could have started the day after UX 204, or she could have started three weeks after UX 204. We don't know, and that gives us wiggle room if we need it.

As for where SWII 9 would go for Nightcrawler, I'd have to pull out UX 204 again and re-read it. When I read it a few weeks ago, I was under the impression that it was a "post-SWII" story. BUT, I suppose UX 204 could have just been a "post-Nightcrawler meets the Beyonder" story, and that he could have met him again after UX 204.

What do others think?
-Daron Jensen

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Re: SWII 9 and UX 204

Post by metaldragon » Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:36 am

Angel, Beast and Iceman all appear there as well between DEF 152 & XF 1 as well as Cyclops who appears there before XF 1 too.

Weirdly enough, Valkyrie appears in one panel but if that really is her, it has to be her spirit appearing between DEF 152 & DRSTR2 80.
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