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Last updated Thursday, February 8, 2018.

Search for characters functionality

  • The search query is matched against the character name and the redirections to other characters (for example "See XXX"). Because of this a search for SPIDER-MAN will also match for example RICOCHET II.

Go to comic functionality

  • An autocompletion list of available comics will appear if there aren't too many matches. "A 1" will not produce an autocompletion list because it matches all A 100-199, but "A 10" will produce the list A 10, A 101-109.
  • A character appearance is presented with these columns:
    • Name
    • Previous entry in the character's chronological list
    • Current row number in the chronological list
    • Current entry in the chronological list
    • Next entry
  • When clicking on a previous or next comic link, the browser will jump to the corresponding row on the resulting comic page. This is especially useful when jumping between two very intermeshed comics, for example A 16 and M/H&L '97.
  • If the same comic appears more than one time in a character's chronological list, the character will get one row for each appearance. See for example SPIDER-MAN in UTSM 22.

The search was made by Jimmy Petersson
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