Gamora #1

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Gamora #1

Post by DonCampbell » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:31 am


Planet Moord
Brother Royale (dying)
Badoon in attendance (none named)
members of the royal harem (non-Badoon women, none named)
Badoon Minister of Information (not named)

the new Brother Royale (killed by Gamora)
all other members of the Badoon royal bloodline (all killed by Gamora)
multiple Badoon guards (many killed, none named)
Badoon attending the coronation of the new Brother Royale (some killed)
Minister of Information

Badoon Orbital Bunker
surviving Badoon leaders
Badoon princess (former Brother Royale’s half-alien daughter) – only in video recording and in flashback to when she arrived on the planet Ubliex as a baby
non-Badoon mother of the princess - only in video recording with her baby
other members of the royal harem - only in video recording
inhabitants of the planet Ubliex - only in flashback to when they found the baby in her space capsule

Thanos’ ship
Badoon Minister of Information

Mongo City on Planet Ubliex
Klax (bounty hunter)

Note #1: The events depicted in this miniseries took place “260 lunar cycles ago” but the lack of any present-day sequences means that the entire story should not be treated as a flashback.

Note #2: Character watches for the rest of this miniseries (issues #2-5) have already been done by Jason Doty.

Opinion: I have mixed feelings about this miniseries. On the one hand, the story itself is fairly good and would be an interesting addition to Gamora’s admittedly-sparse backstory. On the other hand, the idea that Gamora and Nebula were raised together as sisters by Thanos is something from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s continuity and NOT from the Marvel Comics Universe continuity. So, unless someone produces a retcon story which reveals that Nebula from Reality-616 had actually been raised by Thanos but the memories of all involved were somehow erased, I’m going to consider this miniseries to be non-canon.

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