X-Men: Blue v1 #18

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Jason Doty
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X-Men: Blue v1 #18

Post by Jason Doty » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:46 pm

Banshee (altered 1990's) in main story and FB
White Queen (Frost, altered 1990's) in main story and FB
Marvel Girl (past, alternate universe)
Cyclops (past, alternate universe)
Angel (past, alternate universe)
Beast (past, alternate universe)
Iceman (past, alternate universe)
Jimmy Hudson (Earth 1610)
Bloodstorm (alternate universe)
Chamber (altered 1990's)
Jubilee (altered 1990's)
M (altered 1990's)
Mondo (altered 1990's)
Skin (altered 1990's)
Synch (altered 1990's)
Husk (altered 1990's)
Penance (altered 1990's)
Cyclops (altered 1980's)-FB
Angel (altered 1980's)-FB
Iceman (altered 1980's)-FB
Marvel Girl (altered 1980's)-FB
Beast (altered 1980's)- FB
Captain Britain (Braddock, altered 1980's)-FB
Nightcrawler (altered 1980's)- FB
Colossus (altered 1980's)- FB
Storm (altered 1980's)- FB
other members of the X-Resistance (altered 1980's)- FB
Magneto (altered 1960's)
Quicksilver (altered 1960's)
Scarlet Witch (altered 1960's)
Toad (altered 1960's)
Mastermind (altered 1960's)
Cyclops (altered 1960's)
Iceman (altered 1960's)
Angel (altered 1960's)
Beast (altered 1960's)
Marvel Girl (altered 1960's)

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