Iron Man - Beth Cabe query

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Iron Man - Beth Cabe query

Post by loki » Wed Jun 04, 2008 7:37 am

Apologies if this is in the wrong section; if so, please move it. I'd like to ask the help of anyone on the MCP familiar with Iron Man and his supporting cast.

Numerous internet sources claim Bethany Cabe's middle name is Ann. However, when I was writing her entry for the Iron Manual, I didn't see any evidence of that middle name while reading her stories - I did find an entirely different middle name, Camilla, in Iron Man #300's profile on her. I can see 3 possibilities:

1. It's an internet name, proof of how false information disseminated online can spread. I'm inclined to take this as the most likely option (someone misreading Bethany as Beth Ann), but I likewise don't wish to be falsely confidant and make an error in the Handbooks because of it.

2. I missed a passing mention of Ann somewhere in her stories.

3. A middle name of Ann is given in an issue where she is mentioned but doesn't appear.

I'd like to make sure I haven't missed a genuine comic reference to her middle name. So please, if anyone can identify a place in the comics where she is given the middle name Ann, please can you let me know.

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Re: Iron Man - Beth Cabe query

Post by Col_Fury » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:24 pm

I could have sworn I saw Camilla somewhere... but I may be remembering the Iron Man 300 entry you're talking about. I went flipping through a couple 'important' Beth Cabe issues and stumbled across a Flashback that's not currently in her chronology, though:

Iron Man 128-FB
Beth used to be married to Alexander Van Tilberg: Ambassador & pill popper! She felt powerless to help him with his addiction, so she left him. One day he drove his car off the road, and she felt like crap because she wasn't there for him.
Iron Man 128
Having lived through that, she couldn't let Tony live with his alcohol addiction now. She helps him clean up his act in time to re-hire Jarvis, but not soon enough for Jarvis' last remaining stock holdings in Stark International to be sold to... Nick Fury!

*IM 128-FB
IM 117
IM 118

I was planning to go through some more issues tonight, but I was distracted by the last page of Secret Invasion #3. :) If I find something definite I'll let you know.
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