Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1

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Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1

Post by wolframbane » Sat Jun 13, 2009 8:15 pm


Characters: Lockjaw, Throg (Simon Walterson/"Puddlegulp"), Lockheed, Redwing, Hairball (Niels), Ms. Lion
Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Crystal
Thanos (fb), Thor, Toothgrinder, Toothgnasher (all three in fb)

LJPA 1 (1)-FB
Thanos is shown wielding the Infinity Gauntlet.

LJPA 1 (2-4)
Mr. Fantastic is in Attilan on the Moon, searching for the Infinity Gems. He tells the Royal Family one may be near by. Lockjaw, the Inhuman dog, happens to dig one up and decides to look for the others, and teleports away.

LJPA 1 (5-6)
Lockjaw meets Throg (a Thor-like frog) in Central Park, and the Gem allows them to telepathically communicate.

LJPA 1 (7-11)-FB
Flashback to Throg as a former football player whose wife dies, and taking solaces in mystics, he is cursed into frog form. Joining the frogs in Central Park as Puddlegulp, he is helped by Thor, also cursed as a frog, against their war with the rats. Thor eventually departs on his goat drawn chariot. Puddlegulp finds a sliver of Mjolnir, and is transformed into Throg.

LJPA 1 (12)
Throg join Lockjaw.

LJPA 1 (13)
At Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in Westchester, they recruit Lockheed (Kitty Pryde's dragon).

LJPA 1 (14)
In Brooklyn, they recruit Redwing (Falcon's... well, falcon).

LJPA 1 (15-18)
In Queens, Niels (aka hairball, Speedball's cat) is being chased by Ms. Lion (Aunt May's male dog). Niels is recruited, and Ms. Lion tags along.

LJPA 1 (19-22)
The group teleports to the Savage Land and find the second gem, which they entrust to Lockheed. They are attacked by a T-Rex.

The single panel flashback w/ Thanos is probably during the Infinity guantlet series.

The events with Puddlegulp, Thor and the war between the frogs and rats of Central Park are at least partially from Thor #364-366.

Throg's identity of Simon Walterson was probably based upon Thor series writer/artist Walt Simonson.

Lockheed is depressed due to the loss of Kitty in Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1.

Ms. Lion was originally seen in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends television series, and first appeared in comics with Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1 (1981), although this was on the alternate Earth-8107. I am uncertain if he has ever had an Earth-616 appearance before this, but he does belong to Aunt May, as he states "my master's nephew is Spider-Man." Was he perhaps in Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends (2006)?

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Re: Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1

Post by Somebody » Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:56 pm

Now, the FB itself is relatively seamless with T 364-365, when you allow for the fact that Puddlegulp/Throg is telling it as a story rather than as a straight relating of the facts (notably, he twigs that Thor the Frog = Thor the Thunder God by himself and tells Thor so before Thor leaves the frogs).

The tricksy part is that we see Puddlegulp several times after Thor #365, and as a normal frog rather than "Throg" - most notably, he's the one who tells Thor about the Mutant Massacre in T 373. If you're prepared to allow that he transforms back and forth and doesn't let on to Thor about the transformations, I think it fits.

With that in mind, breaking down the FB:
  • (7:1-9:3) is stuff we haven't seen before, but it's in line with what Puddlegulp said in T 365 (17:5), with added details.
  • (9:4) could fit into a couple of places in T 364, but the best place would be between T 364 (13:1) and (13:2).
  • (9:5) is between T 365 (17:5) and (17:6), I suppose, although the setting hasn't been referenced.
  • (10:1) is new information - we don't see Puddlegulp after Thor leaves him in the original
  • (10:2) is between T 365 (18:5) [Thor in mid-leap] and (18:6) [Toothgrinder has removed his hoof from the hammer]
  • (10:3) = T 365 (20:6), zoomed out to show the rats and Puddlegulp (the original panel was tight on Frog-Thor).
  • (10:4) more-or-less = T 365 (22:2)
  • (11) is all new
As for the main story itself... hmmm... not sure. You would think that this should be before the Illuminati (including Reed & Black Bolt) go looking for the Infinity Gems in NA:I2 2. OTOH, Lockheed makes reference to Shadowcat's loss in GSASTX 1.

I'm pretty sure that both can't be true.