Skrull Royalty

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Skrull Royalty

Post by JephYork » Mon May 05, 2008 2:59 am

I've been doing a little reading on Ze Skrulls to prepare for this summer's event, and I noticed a few things about the various Skrull emperors and empresses in the MCP:

1) Although the two emperors named Dorrek are listed under "D", the two empresses, R'Klll and S'Byll, are listed under "E". Also, princess Anelle is listed under P. They really ought to be moved to R, S and A respectively.

2) R'Klll's final appearance, in FF #257, is missing. (Also, we have her name spelled "R'Kill". I've seen it both ways in the comics, but believe R'Klll to be correct.)

3) S'Byll's appearances in FF #383 and Silver Surfer v3 #105 are missing.

4) The second Dorrek (appearing in Avengers #133-FB) is chronologically first; he reigned millions of years ago at the dawning of the Kree-Skrull war. The two Dorreks should be swapped.

5) Finally, the modern-day Dorrek was revealed to be named Dorrek VII in Marvel: the Lost Generation #11. So we oughtta add those roman numerals after his name.

6) Similarly, when we get around to adding Hulkling / Teddy Altman, be advised that his birth name was Dorrek VIII.

There you have it ... Skrull Royalty-a-rama!